Welcoming 30, Here’s My Bucket List

Soon to be 30. Sounds creepy enough? Wait until I see this post when I’m 39.5 years old *Haaa!

This topic just pop in my mind, couple days ago. Immediately I texted my bestie, and become freak out together, “What should we do? What we have achieve?” What came in our mind mostly is regrets for not doing many things while we were young and single. Feels like we haven’t achieve super things in our life, especially when you compared your life to others life. Ehm, should i mention about Dian Pelangi with all her achievement in fashion world when still 24 years old, or maybe Musa, 5 years old hafidz? (0_0)

There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you. ~Carol Grace

Want to be a happy person in your 30s? Then STOP regrets what we haven’t do. Being 30 means that we know more, have more skills and experiences, because we take our life lesson everyday. And life just keeps getting better (^_^) Alhamdulillah.

In our 30s, we still have tons of things to do. Things that we want to do in years to come, like traveling to new places, get a master degree, learn new language or maybe small things like “have a red natural henna art on hands and feet”. Ooo yeahh, we should make a bucket list! This is mine – a long list, what’s yours?

  • Have an active blog (checked)
  • Experience live in another country (checked)
  • Runs my clothing line (on progress)
  • Take pro sew class
  • Mastering water trapping
  • Mastering Arabic
  • Learn Dutch (on progress)
  • Mastering English
  • Learn English writing
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Hajj (Insya Allah in 2022)
  • Umroh with parents
  • Take a Master Degree
  • Remembered new surah every two months
  • Take a pro Make Up class, for syar’i wedding (checked)
  • Contribute to revamp communication tools in Yys. Bani Syarief
  • “Tell” my mom and my dad how I love them, every day in many ways
  • Open Bank Sampah at Lembang
  • Trip with my mom and pamper her all days long
  • Mastering Tajwid
  • Open Spa & Yoga retreat at Lembang
  • Buy property at Lembang (build like a typical dutch house as seen on Geithoorn)
  • Have our own organic Farm
  • Own a green souvenir shop
  • Actively contribute in NGO

Enough to say, lets make them happen!

“Jika berada di waktu sore, jangan menanti waktu pagi. Jika berada di waktu pagi, jangan menanti waktu sore. Pergunakanlah (rebutlah) masa sehatmu (dengan amal-amal shaleh) untuk bekal (antisipasi) masa sakitmu dan masa hidupmu untuk bekal (antisipasi) masa matimu.” Abdullah bin Umar ra. (H.R. Bukhari)”

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