Fun Transit at Qatar (with Toddler)

How about getting a BONUS TRIP in between long haul flights? While searching flights for my husband, I'm intrigued to find an extra short trip like we had at Doha, Qatar in 2016. We deliberately chose a flight with a long layover (18 hours) at Hamad International Airport. Altough we didn't spend our time as … Continue reading Fun Transit at Qatar (with Toddler)


Getting Ready For School

Talk about SCHOOL READINESS and there will be a long checklist to tick. For me, the hardest part to prepare is not about the kid, but myself. I am just dreading going through all the hassle for her school days to come. That's why I haven't enrolled her in the Nursery yet, and wait until … Continue reading Getting Ready For School

Mengurus Visa UK 2018 (Short-Term Study Visa)

Akhirnya kegalauan itu berakhir. Walau bilangnya santai dan pasrah, tapi saya bisa lihat kok hati suami yang gundah dan butuh belaian penyejuk hati setiap berakhirnya hari tanpa email konfirmasi visa. Pasalnya, tuition fee sebesar 3,150 GBP sudah lunas, kelasnya juga dimulai tiga hari lalu, tidak bisa refund ataupun reschedule ke program summer school tahun depan. … Continue reading Mengurus Visa UK 2018 (Short-Term Study Visa)

Hoe Gaat Het

Hai blog! Being away from you since months ago, *sigh seriously I miss you. Almost a year my little family live nomadically, β€œmigrate” per two weeks between Buah Batu and Lembang (our parent’s house from both sides). Honestly that was an exhausting bi-weekly routine, still, we can’t decide which house we should settle in because … Continue reading Hoe Gaat Het