Failed! My (short) Solo Trip Experience

In life, It’s not WHERE you go but It’s WHO you go with.

What will you do when you stay in London for 2 weeks? There will be at least a dozen top destinations you already visited by that time.

On his 2nd week in London, I plead for more pictures of London’s landscape to my husband. I only received three photos; London Tower, Big Ben, and Arsenal Stadium. Oooh and one more, his Summer School building, because there was a red telephone box in the corner so I count that as a London snap. (Read how to apply for UK I Term Study Visa here)

Big Ben

A photo sent by my husband

I asked him to send me more, but he said he spent his morning weekend by running and stayed at the hotel for the rest of the day. WHYYYYY? “Cuz, everything seems dull when you and Najwa are not here with me,” he said. RIDICULOUS! then I remind him about every museum and landmarks (it’s a loong list) he needs to visit, “Go out and see awesome things in London and send me more pictures, pleaseeee,” I said, repeatedly.

Two days after that, I got my UK Visa and so does Najwa. But since the schedule really tight (I bought the ticket at night for tomorrow morning flight, so the tickets are really pricey) I couldn’t take Najwa with me, so she stayed with her Grandparents for next 8 days.

Most of the time, I got cheaper tickets if depart from SIN or KUL. I need an explanation.

Then the trip began, I flew from Bandung to Singapore and take transit at Kuala Lumpur before a flight to London (I bought the cheapest ticket from Malaysian Airlines and saved more than 2 Million IDR by doing this). By far, I consider my self as the wanderer, a spontaneous traveler, so I’m excited to have a solo traveling to London. I have lots of ideas to spend my 10 hours stopover at Changi Airport – The most attractive airport in the world. I even prepared to register a Free City Tour (albeit I’ve been to Singapore before), to compare it with Doha Free City Tour (read about our experience here).

But careful what you wish for Mama, traveling with the kid is hard, but you will miss your kids harder.

If Thanos wished a peaceful universe (unfortunately) by eliminating half population. I kept wishing for one or two days of “me time” to roam freely in new places at my own pace and interest. Just like my countless solo trip back then.

Instead of spending my time from one attraction to another, I’d end up sobbing in the corner missing my baby dearly (after trying hard to contain that feeling for hours). I really believe that Thanos did that too, sobbing in his tiny saung somewhere in the middle of rice field, poor soul.

Well, now I could understand how my husband felt. Everything seems dull indeed when you’re not with your half. I even don’t bother to take out my mirrorless camera and snap everything that (should be) interesting, well thanks mood i don’t have any photos at Changi to pin here either.

Bahwasanya kebahagiaan PARIPURNA itu ketika hatimu penuh, komplit. Dimanapun, sesederhana apapun, bahkan cuma main kelitik – kelitikan di karpet.

Under Constration BIG BEN

Another failure. Big Ben photo: Under-construction building, wrong camera’s position, and I’m suck on selfie.



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