Our Amazing Race at Morocco & Andalusia

From busy markets that fill with bold colors and smells of herbs, to the eerie silence in the hypnotized scenic of Sahara desert. If it's a food, then Morocco gave us a blast of strong flavors, yet rich of unknown ingredients. Somehow there's a common thing among graduated students at Enschede; to take the last … Continue reading Our Amazing Race at Morocco & Andalusia


Hoe Gaat Het

Hai blog! Being away from you since months ago, *sigh seriously I miss you. Almost a year my little family live nomadically, “migrate” per two weeks between Buah Batu and Lembang (our parent’s house from both sides). Honestly that was an exhausting bi-weekly routine, still, we can’t decide which house we should settle in because … Continue reading Hoe Gaat Het

Makin Gendut, Makin Kece

*Tulisan Berseri Untuk Kajian An-nisa Enschede (Tema September 2016 : Kelola Harta dalam Islam) Selepas acara kajian An-Nisa kemarin, rasanya pengen deh evaluasi ulang kesehatan keuangan keluarga. Untungnya sekarang banyak calculator online yang buat perencanaan keuangan mandiri makin mudah. Coba aja cek kalkulator ini. Ada beberapa kolom yang harus diisi, tapi mudah kok, tinggal isi … Continue reading Makin Gendut, Makin Kece