Hoe Gaat Het

Hai blog! Being away from you since months ago, *sigh seriously I miss you. Almost a year my little family live nomadically, “migrate” per two weeks between Buah Batu and Lembang (our parent’s house from both sides). Honestly that was an exhausting bi-weekly routine, still, we can’t decide which house we should settle in because … Continue reading Hoe Gaat Het


Surviving Winter A la Cetut

Check out queen of babble, and you’ll know I made a right decision by rely on her as source for many informations, especially for shopping hints! Berbicara tentang belenji, Mba yang satu ini kayanya dah jadi duta shopping nya Enschede deh. Apalagi dengan tangkup sebagai first lady nya Kagama (Alumni UGM) di Belanda Raya, shopping … Continue reading Surviving Winter A la Cetut