Hoe Gaat Het

Hai blog! Being away from you since months ago, *sigh seriously I miss you.

Almost a year my little family live nomadically, “migrate” per two weeks between Buah Batu and Lembang (our parent’s house from both sides). Honestly that was an exhausting bi-weekly routine, still, we can’t decide which house we should settle in because both places have advantages in different things. But the main reason we’re nomad is that we thought we will leave Bandung in just a few months after my husband finished his degree at ITB. But, we were wrong.

Waiting in limbo

Limbo (noun) “an uncertain situation that you cannot control and in which there is no progress or improvement” – Cambridge dictionary

We enjoy our long holiday, that enables us to visit lots of attractions in greater Bandung at weekdays. Less crowded, cheaper, and more convenience. Now, who’s dreaming about doing nothing and just do the daily activities without a certain goal? Let me tell you, after months you will get bored, and that is NOT a healthy way to live your life (especially for your self-development). Month after month, we’re getting morose about this situation, we couldn’t decide many important things for next months since we don’t know where will be placed by the corporate. Waiting in limbo gradually tanks my excitement and focus, it blocks you to think forward and dare to execute many ideas.

“Lesson learned, jangan pernah ngegantungin orang atau bikin situasi serba ga jelas.”

Alhamdulillah Allah knows what’s best, right when I feel fed up, news came and recharged my depleted motivation. Long story short, this is our 2nd month settled in our new place. We rent a house at Jagakarsa – South Jakarta, we love our surrounded environment, and the most exciting part is we have our own place, my home my rules *yippee. Initially, we’re considering to get a house at Bogor, Depok, or Cilebut, and my husband will commute to his office by train. But, apparently, been living in Enschede utterly degrade our tolerance to traffic stress, we tried to be as close as we can to his office at Trunojoyo. By far I think we made a good decision.

New projects

A home to start a fresh project? sounds exciting! I decided not to go back to the office life, but I need projects to live up my passion and be a potential income stream for me. Fortunately, since we still at the Netherland, my brother invited me to join TDA (Tangan Di Atas) South Jakarta – WhatsApp group. It is a community for entrepreneur across Indonesia, and everyone could join a regional TDA community based on their home base.

I’m just “awe” knowing that side of entrepreneur world, I’ve been trying to make a business in past years but join this community really speed up my progress (if I may say, terseretttt). The best part, I could learn from experienced entrepreneurs, and they are so willing to empower newbie entrepreneur (like me). They share many things, enlightenment, tips and even business coaching without any material reward. Dear coach, Jazakumullah khairan katsiran *sungkem.

At first, I felt reckless after signed in Kelas Mentoring Bisnis (KMB) held by TDA Jaksel this year. A premature step, consider that I still don’t know what kind of business I should start and scale up for next six months. Plus! we’re busy prepared our new house and other homework. Then a day before KMB’s first meeting, I decided to bring my long awaited idea to reality: to be an eco-friendly favors producer. Update progress: I’m still working on the website, hopefully, I could launch it by end of October 2017. So excited to share more, because it’s personal for me; beyond business, passion, hobby, and belief. There are lots of reasons for taking this business seriously.

Talking about passion, there’s a recent post on Instagram from one of my favorite blogger – Fifi Alvianto. But first, a brief story: I’ve worked with her husband years ago, I still remember how adorable their first daughter when she still a baby and now she already turns to 6 years old! How time flies. I’ve never met both Fifi and Lana by the way, just saw baby Lana’s photo showed by her dad and start to stalk Fifi since then *wink. Seeing her life journey thru blog and Instagram, makes me both envy and inspired.

Now, back to her IG’s post (probably it’s a sponsored post with hashtag #SayaSempat), as quoted: “Semua dikerjain pas waktu senggang aktivitas utama aku. Kayak gini tuh memang ga gampang tapi aku tetap konsisten punya waktu untuk itu, karena ingin passion yang dicita-citain tercapai dengan baik,” said her relates to 11 years of blogging. I know the struggle for being consistently writing through thin and thick, mostly my mood decide how many hours I will devote my time to write *doooh.

Agreed with Fifi, being a mother without any helper gives a lot of tasks, and 24 hours a day seems never enough. I realized life as Working At Home Mom (WAHM) could make mom mentally exhausted, like today, my latest search was: “Am I a bad mother for wanting to get out from home?”. It’s an emotional burst, but it should alert me to keeping my energy and sanity in good level *hahaha. The point is, I’m willing to ignore my messy home, cook only one dish meals, do the Korean Drama diet, to bring my project alive.

Cheers! For more balance life between chores, and passion 😊

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