9 Things We LOVE to Do At Istanbul (PART 2)

Did you know? Istanbul straddling both Europe and Asia, making it the only city in the world to sit across two continents.

Istanbul divided into two major tourist sites; Sultanahmet as old historic district, and Taksim as the new face of Istanbul – clamorous metropolis. However, we don’t have any interest to experience the hustle of modern Istanbul at Taksim, we only access historic sites at the Sultanahmet, and all of them could easily reach by walk (exclude Galata Tower).

The tram is the main transportation that felt convenient and reliable, even when you traveling with a stroller. To access the tram, we should buy the Istanbul Card first and deposit a certain amount depends on where and how many tram you will take. Don’t worry they give clear information in English, or you can read this first.

To continue my previous post, here our next four most favorite activities that we did in Istanbul:

#6 Taste the original Turkish Kebab

I have to admit that I like the wrapped kebab (Durum) in The Netherland version (made by Turkish chef) more than their original one in Istanbul. But, you still HAVE to try them. My advice, choose the grilled kebab that serves with sauce, salad, and potatoes at Sultan Kosesi (restaurant behind the Blue Mosque). Find their exquisite dining room at the back, and enjoy the excellent hospitality from them. They really friendly especially to the children, helpful, good English, and good looking too (I almost ask one of the waitress to let me take his picture for my single girlfriends, encourage them to go to Istanbul, LOL!! ).

Note : We spent around 60 Liras here, for a cheaper option you could try the local kiosk for Durum Kebab that cost 12 Liras. Hmm.. I think I should write another post about Turkish culinary since we experienced some great, good, nice, and bad time when dining in Istanbul.

#7 Amazing view at Sulaymaniye Mosque

After had a short tour with Bosphorus Cruise, our local friend guides us to The Sulaymaniye Mosque. From the Eminuno Market, It felt like an endless walk to the uphill where the mosque stands, but it all worth it, after able to catch a breath then we took the side entrance. Later, we noticed that there are more convenient way to get there, by tram without a need to take a bumpy and steeply road like we did.

But we’re not complaining, because whatever the road we took, we’ll definitely still go up and enchanted by the magnificent of mosque’s architecture, plus! the view of Istanbul from this spot was breathtaking. LOVE IT!

Sulaymaniye Mosque.jpg

#8 Buy CHEAP Pistachio near the harbor (after exit Eminuno Market)

If you were lucky, you could find a local pistachio seller when exiting the Eminuno Market. It’s not even a shop, he sells the pistachio on the shabby cart for only 15 liras/kg (!!), a perfect snack for your Bosphorus Cruise and city tour. Oh but please, bring extra plastic bags for its nutshell.

#9 Taste the fish sandwich under the Galata Bridge

Don’t expect to eat the sandwich like in the ordinary café, when you can relax and enjoy the view. Get prepared to snatch every available seat while you queuing to order the food, or even better if you could delegate that to your partner. The menu is so simple, between two or three choices and it tastes great. I hope we could eat them again without struggling to compete with others just to have a decent seat in extremely high “turn over” restaurant. But, maybe the bustle ambience makes the food tastes better? ooh just try it!

Yuph, That’s our 9 TOP to activities that we LOVE to do and recommend you to do those for your next Istanbul visit. We did some others activities like; Visited Galata Tower, Little Hagia Sophia, Bosphorus Cruise, City park (I forgot the name), tasted the Turkey Ice Cream, bought the Turkey Towel, and did underground Basilica Cistern tour. If you have more time, you could add them to your list (^_^) Have a great trip!

eminuno harbor.jpg

Big thanks to Kang Dani, our friend from Bandung that worked at Istanbul. We had a great time, explore the city just like local people did. Thanks again Kang, may Allah grant you success in your life (^_^)

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